Heavy slack wax

Heavy Slack Wax with Different Oil Content Percentages

Heavy slack wax is an intermediate product derived from the refining of crude oil into various petroleum products. It plays a significant role in various industrial applications due to its unique properties and versatile nature. This blog explores the characteristics, applications, and benefits of heavy slack wax with different oil content percentages, highlighting the role of Paraffin Co. as a leading supplier.

What is Heavy Slack Wax?

Heavy slack wax is a by-product of the production of light lubricating oil, which involves dewaxing lubricating oil stocks. It is typically composed of a mixture of oil and solid paraffin. The oil content in slack wax can vary, and this variance in oil percentage defines its specific properties and applications. The main categories of heavy slack wax are typically defined by their oil content:

Each category has distinct characteristics that make it suitable for specific uses.

Characteristics of Heavy Slack Wax

Heavy slack wax, irrespective of its oil content, generally shares the following characteristics:

  1. Moisture Barrier: It forms a protective barrier against moisture, making it useful in waterproofing applications.
  2. Flexibility: The presence of oil enhances its flexibility, which is crucial in applications requiring pliability.
  3. Cost-Effectiveness: As a by-product, it is generally less expensive than fully refined waxes, making it an economical choice for many industrial uses.
  4. Adhesion: It has good adhesive properties, which are beneficial in various manufacturing processes.
  1. Heavy Slack Wax 5-8% Oil Content

This category of heavy slack wax has a relatively low oil content, providing a balance between solidity and flexibility. It is predominantly used in applications where a higher melting point and reduced oiliness are required.



  1. Heavy Slack Wax 10-15% Oil Content

With a moderate oil content, this type of slack wax is more flexible and softer compared to the 5-8% variety. It finds applications in industries requiring a balance between flexibility and structural integrity.



  1. Heavy Slack Wax 20-30% Oil Content

This category has the highest oil content, making it the most flexible and softest among the heavy slack waxes. It is suitable for applications where maximum flexibility and lubrication are essential.



Paraffin Co. as a Trusted Heavy Slack Wax Supplier

Paraffin Co. is renowned for supplying high-quality heavy slack wax with varying oil content percentages. Their commitment to quality and consistency ensures that industries receive products tailored to their specific needs. Paraffin Co.’s heavy slack waxes are processed using advanced techniques to maintain purity and performance standards, making them a preferred choice in the market.

Why Choose Paraffin Co. for Your Heavy Slack Wax Supply?

Future Prospects and Market Trends of Heavy Slack Wax

The demand for heavy slack wax is expected to grow, driven by its diverse applications and cost-effectiveness. Innovations in refining processes and the development of new applications in emerging industries are likely to expand its market further.

Sustainability: With increasing focus on sustainability, industries are exploring ways to use slack wax in more eco-friendly applications, such as biodegradable products and sustainable packaging solutions.

Technological Advancements: Advances in refining technology may lead to the production of slack wax with more consistent properties and lower impurity levels, enhancing its suitability for high-end applications.


Heavy slack wax is an essential material with a wide range of industrial applications, thanks to its varied oil content percentages that provide different properties suited to specific uses. From candle making and rubber processing to textile manufacturing and industrial lubrication, heavy slack wax proves to be a versatile and cost-effective solution.

Paraffin Co., with its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, stands out as a trusted supplier of heavy slack wax. Their ability to provide tailored solutions and consistent supply makes them a preferred partner for industries worldwide.

As the market evolves and new applications emerge, heavy slack wax will continue to play a crucial role in various industrial processes, offering flexibility, efficiency, and economic benefits.


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