Slack Wax

Heavy Slack Wax:Heavy grade of Slack Wax is Paraffin Wax Heavy Grade raw material. Deference between Heavy Slack Wax and Light Slack Wax is their color, Light Grade Slack Wax is bright while Heavy grade is darker than Light grade. Slack Wax Heavy Grade is produced by Lubricant Oils. Moreover, its melting point and oil content is up to 68 degrees Celsius and 35%, respectively. Heavy Slack Wax is used to various industries because of its properties and structure.Peak Universal Business Co. Heavy Slack Wax is available in different oil content: 2-5%, 5-8%, …, 35-40%. Applications:PUB-LTD Co. Heavy Slack Wax is used to Paraffin Wax Emulsion, as an adhesive and waterproofing agent, candle making, matches, ink, carbon paper. Furthermore, it can be called as a dust suppressant; also, it is used to stainless products, industrial lubricants, etc. Packing:Drum, Polyamide Bag Light Slack Wax:Light Slack Wax is brighter than Heavy grade. It has 57 degrees Celsius melting point with yellow or light brown colors. Slack Wax Light Grade by 10% oil content is more common grade in this category.Light Slack Wax is a raw material of Light Paraffin Wax by de-oiling and de-coloring. Applications:Main usage of this product is producing different grades of Paraffin Wax in two ways, de-coloring and de-oiling. Light Slack Wax is used to produce different types of candles with below 10% oil content as well. In addition, Slack Wax Light grade with low melting point is suitable for cold weathers. Other applications of this product are use as waterproofing agent in artificial woods, binders, match producing, special candles, surface protection, etc. Packing:Drum, ISO Tank, Flexi Tank Paraffin WaxWhat is Paraffin Wax?PUB-LTD Co. Paraffin Wax is a waxy substance in white color/colorless, tasteless, and odorless. This product is obtained from petroleum, tar, coal tar, etc. Paraffin Wax is used to different industries such as candle production, sealing agent, waterproofing agent, illuminate, and lubricant.Moreover, people know the paraffin wax as a definite composition in the past. But with the passage of time and the increasing progress of science, paraffin wax is known as a compound of heavy hydrocarbons. Paraffin Wax is a cost effective, more accessible, and safe product. In addition, it can use in different oil content and combinations to produce various types of candles. Applications:Paraffin Waxes are used to candle production, wax papers, polishes, electrical insulators, cosmetics, and medical ointments. Moreover, it is used to waterproofing operations, match producing, and as a fuel. Furthermore, it is used to textile industry as a thread (cotton) protector, leather industry, and as metal drawing lubricant. Fully refined paraffin waxFully refined paraffin wax is a solid in white, cream, yellow, and/or colorless. This product is obtained from petroleum; Paraffin Wax is a mixture of hydrocarbons between 20 to 40 carbons in their chain. Its structure is solid at room temperature and it is melt able in temperatures more than 52℃. Moreover, its flash point is about 250 degrees Celsius. In general, fully refined paraffin wax is used to cosmetic (like lip sticks, creams), medical, and food industry (like oily papers, chocolate) as well. Furthermore, means of fully refined is oil content less than 0.75%. Applications:PUB-LTD Co. fully refined paraffin wax is used to food industry, cosmetics, and other industries. Some applications of this product in above mentioned industries are as follows: Food Industry: fruit polishing, confectionary and sandwich oily papers, chocolate, etc. Cosmetic Industry: lip stick, face mask, creams, etc. Other Industries: candle making, lubricant producing, electrical insulation, textile, etc. Semi Refined Paraffin WaxSemi Refined Paraffin Wax has oil content with more than 1%. In general, semi refined paraffin wax are more suitable and cost effective to make candles and matches rather than Fully Refined grade. However, the quality of products made by fully refined paraffin wax is higher than semi refined paraffin wax. Paraffin Wax is classified based on the Oil content and whether it is light or heavy. For instance, Light /Heavy Semi Refined Paraffin Wax 1-3% oil content may have 1%, 1.5%, 2%, 2.7%, or 3% of oil. Important thing about this matter is range of oil content 1-3%, because it should not contain less than 1% and more than 3% of oil. The whiter the paraffin, the higher the quality. The major uses of this product are in candle, food, leather, and other industries. Paraffin Wax structure is Macro-crystal. Moreover, heavy paraffin waxes makeup the bulk of them market against light paraffin waxes, the ratio of heavy paraffin waxes to light paraffin waxes is 9 to 1. In other word, light paraffin waxes are a less known type of solid paraffin. Applications:Semi Refined Paraffin Wax is used to PVC, laminate, candle, paint, fireworks, matches, tapers, floor polishes, electrical industries, cable filling, compounds, tire and rubbers, car polishes, pencils, crayons, carbon papers, torches, and corrosion protectors. Packing:Carton package Microcrystalline WaxMicrocrystalline Wax is a type of refined waxes with micro structure as mean as its structure contains cycloalkanes in range of C30 to C50, normal paraffin, and ISO paraffin. Some properties of Microcrystalline Wax are shine, light color, and high melting point. Moreover, it is compact, firm, and smooth in its structure. In general, Microcrystalline Waxes have melting point in range of 54.4 degrees Celsius to 90.6 degrees Celsius. Furthermore, Microcrystalline Wax vs. Paraffin Wax has an elasticity property and it is flexible, does not break easily in the simple meaning. Microcrystalline Waxes have various colors from white to dark brown. Microcrystalline Waxes are produced by refining the crude oil or by de-oiling the petroleum jelly with a solvent. One of the factors controlling the physical properties of Microcrystalline Waxes can be temperature of the solvent used in the separation. To learn more: Separation methods are solvent dilution, centrifuging, chilling, filtering, and combination of these methods. Applications:Common uses of Microcrystalline Waxes are cosmetic formulations, glue formulation, adhesive producing, skincare products (especially in cream producing), paints, ink, gums, candle making, laminated papers, coating, linings, and ointments. Also, it is used to plastic and packaging industries.In addition, some industries used Microcrystalline Wax as follows: Fertilizer coatingHistologyAll kinds of polishesCosmeticsPharmaTextileLeatherPencils & CrayonsMatchesCorrosion protectorsExplosivesPyrotechnicsEtc. Residue WaxResidue Wax or Foots Oil is the final product of Slack Wax during manufacturing Paraffin Wax that remain after de-coloring and compacting procedures. This good is available in brown color with strong odor which contains high oil content (between 20% to 50%). In addition, it is a mixture of Oil and Slack Wax. Moreover, Residue Wax (Foots Oil) has two forms at room temperature, Liquid or Semi-Solid. Because of its oily nature, it can be used as a lubricant in industrial operations. Having a cheap price along with a high percentage of oil has made this product, Residue Wax, a suitable alternative to similar products in the industry. The point to consider is that this product is used to plastic, cosmetics, shoes, textile, and many other industries. The reasons why this product is the best choice for the industries mentioned above are the following advantages: Long Shelf LifeOdorlessSafe PUB-LTD Company is proud to always provide high quality products to its buyers around the world. Liquid ParaffinIndustrial Liquid Paraffin:Industrial Liquid Paraffin is known as Mineral Oil that comes in the form White Oil or Alster Oil. In addition, it is a by-product of Petroleum distillation and is an all-purpose type of this category with different flash points. Liquid Paraffin Industrial Grade is transparent, colorless, odorless, and tasteless oil. For more information about this product please contact us. Applications:Liquid Paraffin Industrial Grade is used in various industries like Textile, spinning, paint, ink, shoes polish, polyethylene, etc. Moreover, this good is used in food industry as a machinery lubricant and many other industries as well as lubricant agent. Packing:New or Reconditioned Drum 180Kg, ISO Tank, Flexi Tank. Cosmetic Liquid Paraffin:Cosmetic Liquid Paraffin or White Oil Cosmetic Grade is refined, clear, hydrophobic, odorless, and impure free. This product is available in different flash points and applicable for almost of cosmetic purposes. PUB-LTD Co. Cosmetic Liquid Paraffin is aromatic hydrocarbon free with high lubrication and insulation properties. Application:PUB-LTD Co. Liquid Paraffin Cosmetic Grade is used as a raw material in cosmetic and pharmaceutical goods like ointments, petroleum jelly (Vaseline), lotions, hair oils, etc.Moreover, it is used in many other industries like food packaging, fruit and vegetable coating, polystyrene manufacturing, etc. Packing:New or Recondition 175 Kg Drum, ISO Tank, Flexi Tank. Petroleum JellyIndustrial Petroleum Jelly:PUB-LTD Co. Petroleum Jelly or Vaseline has semi-solid structure, odorless property, and large range of usage in various industries. For instance, Petroleum jelly manufactured by PUB-LTD Co. is used to producing ointments as a base material and other Pharmaceuticals. Also, it is used in cosmetic and industrial applications. Industrial Petroleum Jelly is a kind of Petroleum Jellies that used to various operations in numerous industries. It is a mixture of Hydrocarbons in yellow color. Industrial Vaseline Grade also known as Yellow Petroleum Jelly, it is not suitable for most cosmetic and pharma goods producing because these applications, cosmetic and pharma, need white petroleum jelly. Applications:Main uses of Industrial Petroleum Jelly produced by our company (Peak Universal Business Co.) is as a lubricant. Moreover, it is used in various industries for instance as a machinery anti-fatigue and anti-wear, metal anti-corrosion, molding fluid component, and in leather industry. Packing:New Plastic/Steel Drum (175Kg), ISO Tank, Flexi Tank Cosmetic Petroleum Jelly:Cosmetic Petroleum Jelly also known as Vaseline Cosmetic Grade is smoother than the other grades because it is made up from mixture of microcrystalline wax and some especial minerals.PUB-LTD Co. Cosmetic Petroleum Jelly is used as the main or the base of cosmetic products like lipstick and ointments. The important point is that this product not only does not harm the skin, it can even improve, rejuvenate, and soften the skin due to its unique properties. Applications:Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline) Cosmetic grade is used in medical treatments, personal care, skin and hair care products, lubrication, surface cleansing, coating operations, finishing operations, etc. Moreover, it is used in pharmaceutical applications and products. Packing:New PE/Steel Drum (175Kg) Normal Paraffin:Normal Paraffin or N-Paraffin is a transparent liquid produced by saturated hydrocarbons with linear structure in their chains. This product is produced from Kerosene and/or from Gas to Liquid process called Fischer-Tropsch Process. N-Paraffin consists of Alkyl Benzene, N-Dodecane, Naphthalene, and the other Hydrocarbons. Moreover, it includes Hydrocarbons with 10 to 16 Carbons in their chain per each molecule.The major uses of Normal Paraffin, more than 80%, is in producing LAB. In addition, the remained Normal Paraffin may use to obtain special solvents and/or in various industries including paints, degreasing agent, varnishes, printing inks, resins, etc. Furthermore, n-paraffin acts as an industrial solvent for the production of polymers, grease polishers, paints and colors, and special coverages. Applications:Main usage of Normal Paraffin is LAB production. Moreover, it is used in numerous industrial applications as inks, paints & colors, special solvents, polymers, varnishes, special coverages, resins, polishers (especially grease polishers), etc. Packing:New Steel Drum, ISO Tank, and Flexi Tank  Emulsion Paraffin:Emulsion Paraffin is a mixture of Paraffin Wax, Water, and Emulsifier. This product is available in nonionic, anionic, and cationic types. Emulsion Paraffin can be used in food industry and many technical applications. These applications and uses are based on its raw materials include LDPE Waxes, HDPE Waxes, Paraffin Waxes, Polypropylene (PP) Waxes, Polyethylene (PE) Waxes, Microcrystalline Wax, or combination of them. Some applications of Paraffin Emulsion are fruit coating, glass fiber sizing, mainboard waterproofing, textiles, inks, car waxes, etc. Applications:Emulsion Paraffin is a unique product with specific uses include mainboard and fiber waterproofing, textile, floor protection, car and furniture polishes, fruit and vegetables coating. Moreover, it can be used in Gilsonite Emulsion and liquid Gilsonite. Packing:New Drum, ISO Tank, Flexi Tank

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