light slack wax

Product Overview

Light Slack Wax

Introducing our premium Light Slack Wax, a versatile by-product of the solvent dewaxing process, crafted to meet diverse industrial needs with precision and excellence. Derived through a sophisticated refining process, our Light Slack Wax boasts a balanced composition, offering a broad range of melting points and physical characteristics ideal for various applications. With its low oil content and moderate melting point, this grade of Slack Wax serves as a valuable component in the formulation of candles, polishes, matches, inks, and more.

Formerly overlooked as refinery waste, Light Slack Wax has now emerged as a sought-after commodity for its invaluable properties. Its utility extends beyond manufacturing to serving as a dust suppressant or controlled-release agent for chemicals and fertilizers, further highlighting its versatility and indispensability. Packaged meticulously to ensure integrity during transportation, our Light Slack Wax is available year-round, ready to elevate your industrial processes with efficiency and reliability.

Trust in Paraffin Co.’ Light Slack Wax to achieve new possibilities for your projects, backed by our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Experience the difference with our premium-grade product and unleash the full potential of your applications. 

Advantages of Light Slack Wax


Lighter Composition:

Discover the advantages of Slack Wax Light Grade, which holds a lighter composition compared to its heavy counterpart. With a melting point of approximately 57°C, this grade presents unique benefits for various industrial applications.

Adaptive Packaging:

Paraffin Co. understand the importance of weather conditions in transit. That's why we offer adaptable packaging options, ensuring your Slack Wax reaches its destination intact. Whether in drums or bags, we tailor our packaging to suit the climate of the receiving country.

Versatile Applications

Slack Wax Light Grade, with a 10% oil content, serves as a versatile mixture of paraffin wax and oil. Its applications are diverse, ranging from the production of different grades of paraffin wax to the manufacturing of matches and religious candles.

Enhanced Manufacturing Processes:

Our Slack Wax Light Grade, with its lower oil content, plays a pivotal role in enhancing manufacturing processes. It is utilized in producing various grades of paraffin wax through decolorizing and de-oiling methods. Additionally, it serves as a crucial component in the production of matches and religious candles.

Different Slack Wax Types

We offer a range of Slack Wax types, categorized based on the viscosity of the lube oil during the de-waxing process: low neutral, medium neutral, and heavy neutral. Each type is tailored to specific industrial requirements, ensuring optimal performance and versatility.

Packing Of

Paraffin Co. for convenience with our Slack Wax Light Grade, it is packaged in either new or second-hand 175 kg drums, ISO tanks, or flexi tanks. Each 20-foot container accommodates up to 80 drums of Slack Wax, ensuring efficient transportation and handling for your convenience.

Light Slack Wax

Technical Data Sheet

Explore the technical details of our Light Slack Wax product through our comprehensive Technical Data Sheet given below. Every essential piece of information you require is outlined, ensuring clarity and ease of understanding.

If you need further clarification, Paraffin Co. team is readily available to assist. Trust in our commitment to providing you with the most suitable products for your projects, characterized by quality and reliability.