Industrial Liquid Paraffin

Product Overview

Industrial Liquid Paraffin

Peak Universal Business offers Industrial Liquid Paraffin, a versatile solution engineered to meet the demanding needs of various industrial applications. Manufactured to exacting standards, our liquid paraffin offers exceptional purity and reliability, making it a preferred choice across industries. Designed to withstand rigorous conditions, our Industrial Liquid Paraffin serves as a versatile lubricant, coolant, and protective barrier in industrial processes. Its high-quality formulation ensures optimal performance, even in the most demanding environments.

With its clear and odorless nature, our liquid paraffin is ideal for use in machinery, equipment, and manufacturing processes where cleanliness and efficiency are paramount. Its versatile properties make it suitable for a wide range of applications, including metalworking, textile manufacturing, and electrical insulation.

Trust in the reliability and performance of our Industrial Liquid Paraffin to enhance the efficiency and productivity of your industrial operations. Backed by our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, it's the perfect choice for those who demand excellence in their industrial processes.

Industrial uses of Liquid Paraffin (White Oil):

Applications across Industries:

Discover the multifaceted uses of Liquid Paraffin (White Oil) in various industrial sectors. From paints and dyes to wax production and insecticides, its versatility knows no bounds. Additionally, it serves as a solvent and lubricant, contributing to enhanced efficiency in industrial processes.

  1. Specifications for Flexibility:
  2. Industrial Liquid Paraffin/White Oil offers a wide range of specifications, allowing for manufactured formulations to meet specific industrial needs. Blending Industrial Liquid Paraffin/White Oil provides high flexibility, improved melt viscosity, and low volatility, ensuring optimal performance in diverse applications.

  3. Plastic Production:
  4. Used in the production of plastics like Polystyrene, Industrial liquid paraffin finds its place in numerous applications such as institutional cleaning, metal processing, and textile manufacturing. However, caution is advised against using plastics or stretch films made with Industrial White Oil for food coverage due to non-compliance with food safety standards.

  5. Burning Lamp and Candle Oil:
  6. Industrial White Oil serves as an ideal choice for lamp and candle oil, offering clean-burning properties with virtually no smoke or smell. With the right wick adjustment, a small quantity provides extended burn time, making it a cost-effective and romantic lighting solution for both indoor and outdoor settings.

  7. Comprehensive Product Range:
  8. Explore Peak Universal Business’ comprehensive range of related products and equipment, including pump cups, washers, mantles, globes, wicks, and spares for various lamp and stove brands like Tilley, Coleman, Valor, and more. Each product is meticulously crafted to meet the highest quality standards, ensuring reliability and performance in industrial applications.


Experience ease with our Industrial Liquid Paraffin/White Oil, packaged in new or second-hand 175 kg drums, ISO tanks, or flexi tanks. Each 20-foot container accommodates 80 drummed units, ensuring efficient transportation and storage for your industrial needs.

Industrial Liquid Paraffin

Technical Data Sheet

Check the technical information of our Industrial Liquid Paraffin through our comprehensive Technical Data sheet. With all essential information readily available, we ensure clarity and ease of understanding.

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