heavy slack wax

Product Overview

Heavy Slack Wax

Introducing our Heavy Slack Wax, a valuable by-product derived from the solvent de-waxing process. With a diverse range of melting points and an array of physical and performance characteristics, our Heavy Slack Wax is engineered to meet the demands of various product and process applications.

Derived through meticulous solvent de-waxing, our Heavy Slack Wax offers a broad spectrum of melting points, catering to a wide range of industrial needs. From high to low melting points, our product ensures flexibility and adaptability across different applications.

With its unique physical and performance attributes, our Heavy Slack Wax stands out as a preferred choice for numerous industries. Whether it's for lubricants, candles, rubber compounds, or adhesives, our product delivers the required consistency, binding properties, and lubrication, enhancing the performance of end products. Manufactured to meet rigorous quality standards, our Slack Wax undergoes thorough testing to ensure purity, consistency, and adherence to specifications. You can trust in the reliability and safety of our product, providing peace of mind for your industrial processes.

Experience the versatility and reliability of our Heavy Slack Wax in your manufacturing operations. Unlock the potential for enhanced performance and efficiency across various applications with our premium-grade product. Trust in quality, trust in Peak Universal Business’ Heavy Slack Wax.

Applications & Uses of Heavy Slack Wax:


This grade offers a higher melting and congealing point, making it indispensable for various industrial applications. Once considered refinery waste, this grade now enjoys high demand for its blending capabilities in candles, polishes, matches, inks, and more. Its utility extends to dust suppression and controlled-release agents for chemicals and fertilizers. Packed meticulously in drums or polyamide bags, ensuring integrity during delivery.


Heavy Slack Wax with an 8-12% oil content stands out for its elevated melting and congealing point, surpassing its lighter counterparts. Formerly discarded as refinery waste, this grade now commands attention for its indispensable role in manufacturing processes. From wax emulsions to cable filling, it finds application in various industries including polishing boards, paraffin wax, and PVC. Secure your supply ahead of time as demand continues to soar.


Discover the precision of Slack Wax Heavy Grade with a 5-8% oil content. Perfect for producing wax emulsions and catering to the needs of the polishing, cable filling, paraffin wax, and PVC industries. Its lower oil content ensures greater versatility in applications, facilitating seamless integration into diverse manufacturing processes.


Experience the streamlined efficiency of Heavy Slack Wax with a 2-5% oil content, boasting the lowest oil content among its counterparts. Its minimal oil content offers the advantage of easy packing in bags, ensuring convenience and efficiency in handling. Ideal for various industrial applications where precision and reliability are paramount.

Packing Of

During summer, our Heavy Slack Wax is packed in drums for secure transportation. In colder temperatures, we provide an alternative solution by packing in polyamide bags. This ensures protection against deformation and leakage, guaranteeing the integrity of your delivery regardless of the season.

Heavy Slack Wax

Technical Data Sheet

You may check the further details about Our Heavy Slack Wax in the Technical Data sheet given below. If you require further Information, Peak Universal Business team is readily available to assist. Trust in Peak Universal Business expertise to guide you towards selecting the most suitable products for your projects, ensuring quality and reliability every step of the way.