What is VG Grade Bitumen?
According to viscosity (degree of fluidity) grading, higher the grade, stiffer the Bitumen. Furthermore VG Grade Bitumen can be done on original (as-supplied) asphalt binder samples ( AC grading). Also aged residue samples (AR grading). AR viscosity test is based on viscosity of aged residue from rolling thin film oven test. With AC grading, asphalt binder is specify by properties it possesses before it undergoes HMA making flow. AR grading system is an attempt to simulate asphalt binder properties after it undergoes a typical HMA manufacturing process and thus, it should be more representative of how asphalt binder behaves in HMA pavements.

VG Asphalt Application
VG Bitumen mostly known as Paving Grade Bitumen. It`s suitable for road construction and asphalt pavements production with great properties. This grade mainly used in hot mix asphalt manufacture for bases, wearing courses, possesses specs and qualities unique sand. It`s quite different than other agents. They achieve very flexible and tenacious connections with other materials due mainly to viscoelastic response of bitumen, which behavior depends on how fast charges are uses. pub-ltd`s VG is petroleum grade bitumen, manufactured from fractional / vacuum distillation of crude oil. It specified by methods described in ASTM Standard D3381–09 and AASHTO M226-80 (2008). Viscosity Graded spec cover asphalt graded by Viscosity at 60 C.

Viscosity Bitumen Grading
VG bitumen categorized according to Viscosity (degree of fluidity) grading. Furthermore viscosity tests conducted at 60°C & 135°C. It shows road surface temperature during summer and mixing temperature. Penetration at 25°C, also retained in Specs.

VG-10 is widely used in spraying applications such as surface-dressing and paving in very cold climate in lieu of old 80/100 Penetration grade. It`s also uses in Bitumen Emulsion and Modified Bitumen.

VG-20 is used for paving in cold climate & high altitude regions

VG-30 is primarily used to construct extra heavy duty Bitumen pavements that need to endure substantial traffic loads. Also it can be used in lieu of Bitumen 60/70.

VG-40 is used in highly stressed areas such as intersections, near toll booths and truck parking lots in lieu of old 30/40 Penetration grade. Due to its higher viscosity, stiffer Bitumen mixes can produced to improve resistance to shoving and other problems associated with higher temperature and heavy traffic loads.

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