Gilsonite Oil and Gas Grade
Drilling Fluid Additive:

PUB-LTD Co. Gilsonite plays an important role in drilling fluid that we mentioned 9 items of them as following:

Fluid loss control and seepage
Lost circulation material
Shale stabilization
Increasing wellbore stability
Differential sticking minimizing
Developing effective filter cake
Oil-based and Water-based drilling mud additive
Uses in HP-HT operations
Significant reduction HSE risk

Formation Damage Preventing by Gilsonite:

PUB-LTD Co. manufactured Gilsonite by its superior performance forms a chemical and physical bond with formations that are permeable to isolate it from drilling fluid loss. In other words, Gilsonite inhibits seepage, shale formation and surfaces reactivation, and lost circulation. Moreover, it is used for fluid loss control, especially at high bottomhole temperatures. All mentioned applications of Gilsonite are because of its unique properties as a solid plugging agent laminated.

Wellbore Strength Improving:

Gilsonite added to drilling fluids in HPHT wells, under pressure zones, and shales where they need special mud techniques to increase wellbore strength. Four important matters achieved by adding Gilsonite are mentioned below:

Developing effective filter cake.
Keeps interbedded formations intact.
Creating continuous sealant along the wall.
Reducing pore pressure and sealing micro-fractures in low porosity and shale formations.
Another Gilsonite superior ability is preventing well from differential pipe-sticking by its sealant property includes overbalanced pressures (High-Pressure Differential) zones. All mentioned benefits results in improving cake filtrate on well walls.

There are three reasons why Gilsonite is not harmful to the environment:

Based on the above significant health benefits of Gilsonite, it is the most environmentally friendly product that can be used in drilling fluids, especially in deepwater wells. Gilsonite compared to other possibility products provides lower cost with better performance practices. By comparing the performance of Gilsonite and Sulfonated Asphalt in water-based muds (WBM), we conclude that Gilsonite with the same or even better performance than Sulfonated Asphalt saves 25% to 50% in the system.

Moreover, Gilsonite reduces costs up to 80% compared to special co-polymer in HPHT environments. It should be mentioned that using Gilsonite reduces fluid loss up to 45%.


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