Heavy Slack Wax (SW Heavy Grade):


     Slack Wax Heavy Grade is known as Heavy Paraffin Wax raw material. The difference between Heavy Slack Wax and Light Slack Wax is in their color.

Lubricant Oils are SW Heavy Grade. Also, its melting point is up to 68 and oil content is up to 35%. The heavy grade of this product is used in different industries because of its properties and structure.

PUB-LTD Co. SW Heavy grade has different oil content from 2% to 40%.


PUB-LTD Co. provides Heavy Slack Wax that is used to produce Paraffin Wax Emulsion, as an adhesive and waterproofing agent, candle making, matches, ink, and carbon paper. Moreover, it can be used as a dust suppressant; also, it is used for stainless products, industrial lubricants, etc.


Drum, Polyamide Bag


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