Residue Wax


Foots Oil also known as Residue Wax that it is the final product of Slack Wax during production Paraffin Wax that remain after de-coloring and compacting operations. This good has brown color and strong odor and contains high oil content, from 20% up to 50%. Moreover, Foots Oil is available in two forms at room temperature, Liquid or Semi-Solid depending on its Oil content.

It can be used as a lubricant in industrial operations just because of its oily nature. The low price of this product has made it an affordable additive compared to other products in its category. The important point is that this good is used in plastic, cosmetics, shoes, textile, and many other industries.

The reasons why this product is the best choice for the industries mentioned above are the following advantages:

  1. Long Shelf Life
  2. Odorless
  3. Safe

PUB-LTD Company is proud to always provide high-quality products to its buyers around the world.




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