Semi-Refined Paraffin Wax


  Semi Refined Paraffin (SRP) Wax has an oil content of more than 1%. Generally, SRP Waxes are more suitable and cost-effective goods to make candles and matches rather than FRP Waxes. However, the quality of products made by FRP Wax is higher than SRP Wax.

Paraffin Wax is classified based on the Oil content. For instance, Light or Heavy SRP Wax with 3-5% oil content may have 3%, 3.5%, 4%, 4.3%, or 5% of oil. The important thing about this matter is a range of oil content of 3-5% because it should not contain less than 3% and more than 5% of oil.

The main uses of SRP Waxes are in candle making, food, leather, and many other industries. Paraffin Wax structure is Macro-crystal. In addition, paraffin waxes heavy grades make up the bulk of the market against light paraffin waxes, the ratio of heavy paraffin waxes to light paraffin waxes is 9 to 1. In other words, light paraffin waxes are a less known type of solid paraffin.


Semi Refined Paraffin (SRP) Wax is used for PVC, laminate, candle, paint, fireworks, matches, tapers, floor polishes, electrical industries, cable filling, compounds, tire and rubbers, car polishes, pencils, crayons, carbon papers, torches, and corrosion protectors.


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