Industrial Petroleum Jelly:


    Petroleum Jelly or Vaseline made by Peak Universal Business Co. has a semi-solid structure, odorless, and has different uses in various industries. For instance, PUB-LTD Petroleum jelly is used as a raw material for producing ointments and other Pharmaceuticals. Moreover, it is used in cosmetic and industrial applications all around the world.

         Industrial Petroleum Jelly or Vaseline Industrial Grade is a kind of Petroleum Jellies that is used for various operations in numerous industries. It is made up of a mixture of Hydrocarbons in yellow color. Industrial Vaseline Grade is also known as Yellow Petroleum Jelly, is not suitable for most cosmetic and pharma goods because these applications need white petroleum jelly.


The main use of Industrial Petroleum Jelly provided by this company (Peak Universal Business Co.) is as a lubricant. Also, it is used in various industries with numerous categories; for instance, as a machinery anti-fatigue and anti-wear, metal anti-corrosion, molding fluid components, and the leather industry.


New Plastic/Steel Drum (175Kg), ISO Tank, Flexi Tank


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