Normal Paraffin:


     Normal Paraffin or N-Paraffin is a transparent liquid produced by saturated hydrocarbons with a linear structure in their chain. This product is produced from Kerosene and/or from the Gas to Liquid process called Fischer-Tropsch Process. it consists of Alkyl Benzene, N-Dodecane, Naphthalene, and other Hydrocarbons. Moreover, it includes Hydrocarbons with 10 to 16 Carbons in their chain per molecule.

The main use of N-Paraffin, up to 80%, is in LAB production. In addition, the remained Normal Paraffin may use to obtain special solvents and/or in various industries including paints, degreasing agents, varnishes, printing inks, resins, etc. Moreover, Normal Paraffin acts as an industrial solvent for the production of polymers, grease polishers, paints and colors, and special coverages.


      Normal Paraffin is LAB raw material. In addition, it is used in numerous industrial applications as inks, paints & colors, special solvents, polymers, varnishes, special coverages, resins, polishers (especially grease polishers), etc.


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