Cosmetic Liquid Paraffin:


Cosmetic Liquid Paraffin is also known as White Oil Cosmetic Grade and Cosmetic Paraffin Oil is refined, clear, hydrophobic, odorless, and impure-free. This product is available in different flash points and is applicable for almost cosmetic purposes.

            Cosmetic Liquid Paraffin produced by Peak Universal Business Co. is aromatic hydrocarbon free with high lubrication and insulation properties.


PUB-LTD Co. Liquid Paraffin Cosmetic Grade is used in cosmetic and pharmaceutical goods like ointments, petroleum jelly (Vaseline), lotions, hair oils, etc. as a raw material.

In addition, it is used in many other industries like food packaging, fruit and vegetable coating, polystyrene manufacturing, etc.


New or Recondition 175 Kg Drum, ISO Tank, Flexi Tank.

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