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Green Rubber Process Oil

General Description

Green Rubber Process Oil is a green rubber oil (envirenmental friendly oil) with a high aromatic content, environmental protection, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic characteristics, that we use as a substitute for existing aromatic oil.

Its high viscosity gravity constant leads to reduction in heat buildup and rotational resistance during usage of tires. Such characteristics enable our Rubber Process Oil for using in production of tire and rubbers.

Uses Of : Green Rubber Process Oil

Rubber Process Oil is used in industry ink formulations, isolation manufacturers, automobile tire making factory, rubber manufacturer, shoes, flooring, cable and any other industrial interface.

Packing Of : Green Rubber Process Oil

Rubber Process Oil is packed in new 180 kg drum. Each 20 foot container takes 80 drum. Also possible in tanks and bulk shipments. It may pacjed in flexi tanks.

Rubber Process Oil And Tire Market In Asia : Green Rubber Process Oil

Rubber processing chemicals market is mainly driven by the growth in the demand for automobiles. We use Rubber processing chemicals to enhance properties of rubber used in manufacture of tires. With growing population and increased spending by the consumers, the demand for automobiles has increased which in turn has led to the increased demand for rubber processing chemicals. These chemicals add superior qualities to the rubber.

Most important role of RPO is automobile segment which boosts demand of rubber processing oils. As said rubber processing chemicals market is usually affect by growth in demand for automobiles. RPO is uses to enhance virtues of rubber in tire factory. With growing society and increased spending by consumers, demand for automobiles has increased which in turn has led to increased demand for rubber processing chemicals. These chemicals add better qualities to the rubber.

Furthermore Asia is fastest-growing market for rubber processing oils and chemicals. The increasing request for rubber processing oil chemicals from the tire industry is further driving the market in this region. The economic development in the region has led to the increased demand for vehicles. Which in turn drives the market for rubber processing chemicals.

Philippines Tire Market : Green Rubber Process Oil

Due to governmental support of automobile, tire making sector needs to import more rubber process oil according to newly researched tire market, tire market in Philippines is forecast to cross USD970 million. In addition major factors propelling growth include increasing concentration of automobile oms in the country. As rapid infrastructure developments, and favorable trading and policy environment.

Usage Tire Market : Green Rubber Process Oil

Passenger car tire remained leading market segment in 2013, holding significant majority share in volume as well as value sales. Urban cities in Emirate, are among leading demand generators for tires. Industry events such as auto mechanize’ and green auto show’ also have a profound impact on Emirate is ever-growing automotive trade, which in turn are influencing tire sales in country. Global automotive tire manufacturers such as bridge stone, Michelin, continental, Goodyear are key tire players. Emirate is among major economic epicenters in gulf cooperation council due to presence of significant oil reserves. On account of significant industrial growth, country’s automotive industry has been flourishing at a rapid pace. All these factors are creating significant impetus in the country’s tire demand.