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Base Oil SN500

General Description

Base Oil SN500 provided by Peak Universal Business Co. is in Group I and have VI (Viscosity Index) between 90 to 120. Base Oil SN500 is manufactured by refineries; it is similar to SN150 grade and has two types, Virgin and Recycle. In addition, the SN500 grade has a higher Flash Point than the SN150 grade. In the Recycled type of this grade, the quality of Distillated is much better than in Acidized grade.

Applications : Base Oil SN500

The main uses of Base Oil SN500 are in the manufacturing of various Industrial Lubricants including Gear Oils, High-Quality Motor Oils, Special Lubricants, etc.

Packing : Base Oil SN500

New Steel Drum, Flexi Tank, ISO Tank, and Bulk.