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Gilsonite Cementing Grade

General Description

In this century, Gilsonite is known as a lost circulation material (LCM) and one of the components that can be used for primary cementing operations in a special environment and tough drilling zones. When Gilsonite is added to cement during drilling operations it enhances the characteristics that are critical to effectively cementing the wellbore, isolation of formation fluids and preventing annular gas flow.

PUB-LTD Gilsonite has unique physical and chemical properties that provide various important benefits for slurry and cementing. Seven benefits in slurry and eight benefits in set cement are as follows:

Cement Slurry Benefits : Gilsonite Cementing Grade

Yield increase Reduction of slurry weight | Control of Free Water | Slurry Water Ratio Reduction | Lower ECDs | Lost Circulation Inhibition | Improvement of Mud Removal and | Wellbore Washout

Gilsonite in Oil Well Cementing : Gilsonite Cementing Grade

The researchers conducted tests and found out that gilsonite performed highest in compressive strength testing under conditions of 100 -150 ˚C and up to 3000 psi. Gilsonite prevents the leaking of formation fluids when it is used as an additive in well cementing. It is generally polymer based. It acts as a shale stabilizer, preventing wellbore instability problems.

Set Cement Benefits : Gilsonite Cementing Grade

Maintainance of Compressive Strength | Cracking Reduction | Increase in Flexibility | Improvement of Microfissures | Permeability Reduction | Strengthening of The Correlation Between | Formation and Casing | Minimization of Environmental Risks | Strengthening of Zonal Isolation |

Gilsonite Fixes Free Water Problems : Gilsonite Cementing Grade

PUB-LTD Gilsonite helps the stabilization of the slurry and eliminates the need for additional free water control agents and extra costs as well. Also, it plays an important role as a lost circulation material (LCM) to prevent water channeling and improve zonal isolation.

Gilsonite Maintains Isolation by Self-Healing: : Gilsonite Cementing Grade

Gilsonite manufactured by PUB-LTD has an amazing self-healing property that results in its flexibility, deformability, swelling ability, impermeability, and non-porous structure. With these properties and abilities, it can mend microfissures in the cement sheath.