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Penetration Bitumen 80/100

General Description

One of the penetration bitumen grades is Penetration Bitumen 80/100; this grade has a lower ductility than previous grades like Penetration Bitumen 10/20 and 35/50 and has more ductility than grades higher than itself, like Penetration Bitumen 160/220 and 200/300.

This grade of bitumen is manufactured through the vacuum bottom oxidation process. This product leaves the distillation tower when its penetration is between 80 to 100 desi-millimeters.

Technical Properties : Penetration Bitumen 80/100

Penetration Bitumen 80/100 has a penetration degree between 80 to 100 desi-millimeters and softening point between 48 to 56 ℃. Also, its thermoplastic property means that high temperature leads to softer bitumen and low temperature leads to harder bitumen.

Applications :: Penetration Bitumen 80/100

The primary use of Penetration Bitumen 80/100 is road construction in colder areas. Moreover, it can be used as an input to produce emulsion bitumen, cutback and modified bitumen grades.

Packing : Penetration Bitumen 80/100

New steel drum, bulk. It should be mentioned that this grade can be shipped in a jumbo bag, if the weather is cold. (Low temperatures cause harder bitumen.)