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Oxidized Bitumen By Air Blown Asphalt


One type of Bitumen that produces by pure Bitumen air blowing is named Oxidized Bitumen. This type of Bitumen has a lower needle penetration degree and higher softening point rather than Penetration grades. Oxidized Bitumen or Blown Bitumen is classified into three categories includes Low, Medium, and Hard, which is based on their Penetration and Softening Point. Hot air in the range of 230 to 290℃ was inserted into the reactor and passed thru the pure Bitumen to produce the Oxidized Bitumen; after this process, we have Blown Bitumen. It should be mentioned that the asphaltene available in this type of Bitumen, Blown Bitumen, is Polymerized and gives Bitumen rubber property.

The letter R symbolizes an abbreviation of Oxidized or Blown Bitumen. For instance, R115/15 Bitumen means Oxidized Bitumen with Softening Point 115℃ and Needle Penetration 15 desi-millimeter. Based on the above, Low grades include R75/25, R75/30, R85/25, R85/40, R95/25, and R90/40; Medium grades include R90/10 and R90/15; And the final classify is Hard grades that have R115/15, R110/15, R105/5, R105/15, R105/35, and R150/5.

Applications : Oxidized Bitumen

Oxidized Bitumen (or Blown Bitumen) has numerous usage in various industries such as construction, road making and operations, roofing, flooring, mastics, petroleum (or oil and gas) industry, electrical application, power and hydropower industries, paper and pulp manufacturing, sealing and coating, waterproofing, dust proofing, adhesive manufacturing, high-temperature operations, carpet, sound damping, pilling industry, undercarriage sealant, paving and pavement production, etc.

Road Operations : Oxidized Bitumen

This type of bitumen, Oxidized Bitumen, is used in road making, paving, pavements production, and road treatment. Also, its combination with different binders is used in highways, railways, and parking.

Electrical and Hydropower industries : Oxidized Bitumen

Oxidized Bitumen (or Blown Bitumen) plays an important role in laminated boards as an adhesive. Moreover, it is used in the Battery industry, especially in lithium-ion batteries, cable wires, and as a luster in the joint sections of electrical boxes. In hydropower operations, Oxidized Bitumen is one of the canal lining’s components. The primary usage of this type of bitumen is in dam construction and protection, hydraulic structures, and sand consolidation.

Petroleum Industry : Oxidized Bitumen

Oxidized Bitumen is used in the oil and gas industry for coating pipelines as well as preventing corrosion and decay of pipes.

Construction : Oxidized Bitumen

This application of Oxidized Bitumen has two parts. One of them is roofing; first of all, it should be said that this type of Bitumen, Blown Bitumen, is generally the best choice for waterproofing the roofs. And in the following, we can mention other uses of it, which are in dump-proof coating compounds and liquid coating. And the other part of its uses is flooring and facing. Oxidized Bitumen is resistant to acid and alkali that can be used in many factories such as chemicals, fertilizers, and steels to prevent floors and surfaces from corrosion.

Benefits : Oxidized Bitumen

Oxidized Bitumen (or Blown Bitumen) has many benefits; some of the more important advantages are stated as below: High Flexibility High Durability Fully Water Resistant Chemical Stability Etc. If you require to use Oxidized Bitumen to meet your needs, you can contact us anytime.